Mayakovsky – New Biography

There is a new biography coming out on 20th January 2015 by Bengt Jangfeldt. This is a pretty rare event and most welcome as there is so little material about the life of Mayakovsky and his work in English. Mayakovsky was the great Russian and Soviet poet. He changed completely the face of Russian literature with his futurist poetry and plays.

Covdr of the film "Mayakovsky" by Michael Craig & Copernicus Films

Cover of the film “Mayakovsky” by Michael Craig & Copernicus Films

Two of the films in the series The Russian Avant-garde – Revolution or Renaissance, Mayakovsky itself and Meyerhold Theatre and the Russian Avant-garde feature Mayakovsky’s work. It was Meyerhold who compared Mayakovsky to Aristophanes welcoming his contemporary plays as visionary and prophetic. Mayakovsky’s satirical plays proved to much for the authorities who hounded the very artist who so welcomed the Revolution and eventually became its enemy. Mayakovsky’s apparent suicide is disputed to this day.

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