Biomechanics – Editing of new film

Working on and editing new film about “biomechanics” the acting techniques by Meyerhold. Just a small preview. This is an extended version (around 30 minutes) of the footage shot for the film Meyerhold Theatre and the Russian Avant-garde which I am editing into a film.

There will be no text, just a soundtrack of which a taste can be heard on this video. I debated about whether to add text and some explanation but reached the conclusion that this film is better as a performance video. I will maybe add some written explanation once the video has been released.

This footage was shot in Moscow in a studio a few years ago and I have always wanted to release a longer version of it and was encouraged by many to make a film using this material. I have composed a complete soundtrack which I think is right for the atmosphere of the film. I have written a more detailed account of how we filmed these sequences for the film Meyerhold Theatre and the Russian avant-garde  and is included in the book The Russian Theatre Film Series 

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