Copernicus Films projects 2015.

The arts documentary "The Russian Avant-garde - Revolution or Renaissance"

The arts documentary “The Russian Avant-garde – Revolution or Renaissance”

Bristling with ideas for new projects and continuing work in progress. Working on two books. First is a book about the Russian Avant-garde which will be a companion to the documentary arts film series The Russian Avant-garde – Revolution or Renaissance . This will be additional material to that included in the films as well as material form the films as well. The second book is  an overview of the context in which the films were made and my nearly twenty year sojourn in Russia making films. There is a possibility of adding a documentary film as well but I can’t be sure about this – it will depend on what kind of themes can be covered. I have been working on the books all day today revising and collating material. There is a long way to go and over the holiday I collated the graphics picture and photographs for the book  about the Russian avant-garde.

An academic from Germany wants to include some material from the film David Burliuk and the Japanese Avant-garde as well as the book of the making of the film on the island of Ogasawara  *Journey to Ogasawara*.

In addition there is still the need to finish the art work for the short film Tokyo journey which was released a few weeks ago on the internet. I will be making a downloadable version as well as DVD version.

Gradually coming out of the holiday period in Moscow which tends to bog one down in daily chores. Hope to get some work done on a new script as well. The fist draft is complete but needs considerable rewriting. An enormous project which is more of a feature length film and feature type film and will require a lot of resources to get it off the ground. More news later with announcements.

The weather in Moscow is miserable and cold. raining all the time so nobody wants to go out. Hope tomorrow will be better and we can go to a cafe or something just to get ourselves out from the holiday prison.
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