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Fair Booths on Admiralty Square, St. Petersburg – Konstantin Makovsky, c.1869

A pause in the writing of the book about the play The Fairground Booth which was written by Alexander Blok and staged by Meyerhold as more time is spent on the script for the documentary film of the same subject. Finally put together a draft which still needs a great deal of work to distill it down into something manageable but at least the process has started. One of the characteristics of this project is that firstly I am writing a book, two scripts and editing (for the time being) a documentary film simultaneously. Plus The Fairground Booth project has to be integrated into the over all Russian Theatre Documentary Film Series which already has three films available and completed: “Meyerhold Theatre and the Russian Avant-garde”, “Stanislavsky and the Russian Theatre” and “Vakhtangov and the Russian Theatre“.

All these elements will compliment each other and inform each other to hopefully provide a rich and fairly comprehensive introduction to this play and moreover to this particular time in Russian theatrical history. Working at the same time on marketing strategies and trying to form alliances with publishers and institutions which may be interested in such a project.

Now about to embark on the underlying theme of Shakespeare’s Tempest which was a big influence on Blok. Even though this influence is not immediately apparent in the play, it is definitely there embedded in the fabric of the play. The tempest and Shakespeare in general was a huge influence on Blok and it is almost inconceivable that Blok would not have this play in mind while writing his own first theatrical work .

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