Kandinsky – Colour and Form

Cow in FieldThe Kandinsky section of the book about the Russian avant-garde is taking shape, based on the 6 part film series The Russian Avant-garde -Revolution or Renaissance . Needs some rewriting before graphics can be added and the text formatted for publication. Most of the text is ready just needs correcting and formatting. Release date set sometime in mid summer 2015. At the moment concentrating on the relationship between colour and form and in some ways this post follows on from a recent previous post Kandinsky and the Apocalypse The film Kandinsky and the Russian House can be downloaded here.

In “The Spiritual in Art“, Kandinsky details his thoughts on the relationship of painting to music and sound. In this he was indebted to  his friend Schoenberg  who offered his total renunciation of accepted beauty, regarding as sacred every means  that serves self-expression. Schoenberg leads us into a new realm where musical experiences are no longer acoustic, but spiritual. Here begins the music  of the future. As in the development of music so it is in painting with the striving of the impressionists culminating with Cézanne, who sought new laws of form in art. Form can exist of itself either as the representation of an object or  purely abstract – dividing up space. According to Kandinsky this is not the case with colour.

Kandinsky  maintained that colour cannot extend without limits. Colours have a pronounced tendency towards warm or cold and contain their own inner sound akin to musical instruments. The relationship between colour and form brings us  to a consideration of form and colour. Form itself  has its own inner sound – it is a spiritual being possessing qualities which are identical with that form – A triangle  is one such being with its own spiritual perfume. In conjunction with other forms  it becomes differentiated receiving additional nuances  but remains in essence unchangeable and it is the same with a circle a square and all other possible forms. The interaction of form with colour becomes clear – A triangle filled with yellow, a square with blue – these are all different entities –  having completely different effects. Since the number of forms and colours  are infinite likewise so are their effects. This material is inexhaustible.


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