Vsevolod Tarasevich at the Multimedia Art Museum Moscow

Last night  went to the opening of the exhibition of Vsevolod Tarasevich   at the Photography Centre near Kropotkinskaya. I met a friend at the metro and we made our way through the uncleared snow covered streets to the centre. We got there at 5 PM and walked around the entire collection of photographs unhindered by any crowds except for a small group of students from Moscow State University.


Тhe new building is modeled vaguely on the Guggenheim in New York and to many purposes works quite well in this image.

Incredible photographs from the 60s 70s and 80s. Showed the time and its atmosphere  – a time when culture and science were at the forefront of Soviet life. In the photographs could be seen the whole feeling and energy of the e poch, the sense of discovery and progress and hope for the future.

The immensity of the projects ( they already had an operative particle collider) and the excitement that discoveries were being made which would last into the future are photographed as a document of an epoch. At the same time I was reminded of the Strugatsky’s books, especially Picnic by The Roadside (Stalker) and It is hard to be a God, which were critical of that epoch and highlighted some of the moral and ethical dilemmas of the time connected with science and progress.

There was also an exhibition of Boris Kustodiev’s photographs. As well as being a painter he took many photographs around the turn of the century of provincial life in Russia. Several of his paintings were exhibited as well which pertain to The Fairground Booth and which I hope to include as part of the project and which I outline in more detail here.

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