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working 2Normally I write my one work for my own projects but lately I have been collaborating with somebody else on  book they are writing about Sumerian culture. I am writing a whole extended chapter for T and it is coming along. Took me a long time to get started as I wanted to get more familiar with the material. Fortunately it is a subject in which I have studied and have a considerable background – Ancient British History. The main question was finding the right rhythm and pitch so that it fits with the rest of the book. I’ve never had to do this so it is quite a new experience. Seems to be working OK.

At the same time I am still writing and finishing the first draft of The Fairground Booth book Blok, Meyerhold and The Fairground Booth  . This is also coming along well and as I have written earlier it will form the foundation and provide backbone for a film or films about Blok and Meyerhold’s play The Fairground Booth . This work will be added into and form a component part of The Russian Theatre Film Series project . In principle the 1st draft is finished of course but there are a few remaining ingredients to fill in before pulling everything together

Bio 6Still trying to find time to finish a film about Biomechanics using the material we shot in the studio about biomechanics for the film Meyerhold, Theatre and the Russian Avant-garde which can be downloaded here.

The weather is terrible in Moscow – raining all the time so it is a good time in an other sense to get some work done instead of going out. That doesn’t mean that I remain inside all the time. When the rain stops we try and get out and walk around Moscow, visit the cafes and restaurants that we like and so on. There is always something going on and Moscow is changing daily as the centre is transformed into pedestrian only zones and many of the pedestrian areas in the centre are being expanded and modernized

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