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Dobuzhinsky – Man in Spectacles

  Mstislav Valerianovich Dobuzhinsky, August 14, 1875, Novgorod – November 20, 1957, New York City) was a Russian-Lithuanian artist. The painting shows a man in glasses with a window to the back of him with a cityscape of the early … Continue reading

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The Decadent Movement as one of the sources of the Russian avant-garde

Decadence  is sometimes quoted as the first avant-garde tendency in art of European culture. Many European commentators maintain that decadence became one of the first currents in the history of modernism (art Nouveau). For me one of the main reasons … Continue reading

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Kandinsky – Colour and Form

The Kandinsky section of the book about the Russian avant-garde is taking shape, based on the 6 part film series The Russian Avant-garde -Revolution or Renaissance . Needs some rewriting before graphics can be added and the text formatted for … Continue reading

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New Exhibition – The Russian Avant-garde, Siberia and the East.

The Russian Avant-garde, Siberia and the East, featuring artists like Kandinsky, Malevich, Filonov, Goncharova is the first international exhibition to examine the fundamental importance of the Oriental and Eurasian connection to Russian Modernism. The exhibition runs until  January 2014 and … Continue reading

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