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New writing

Normally I write my one work for my own projects but lately I have been collaborating with somebody else on  book they are writing about Sumerian culture. I am writing a whole extended chapter for T and it is coming … Continue reading

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Book – Encounters with the Russian Avant-garde – in progress

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Tarkovsky and Time – reprise

Watching many films which use slow motion for effect gives rise to the question of time in film making. Tarkovsky seemed to be able to create time in his films, to slowdown time, speed up time and play with the … Continue reading

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Kandinsky and Rodchenko.

Ironically one of the reasons that Kandinsky and other artists began to experiment with abstract art was the impact that photography had on the visual arts and its ability to more accurately depict reality. In this we are mindful of … Continue reading

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Kandinsky – Colour and Form

The Kandinsky section of the book about the Russian avant-garde is taking shape, based on the 6 part film series The Russian Avant-garde -Revolution or Renaissance . Needs some rewriting before graphics can be added and the text formatted for … Continue reading

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New script – new project

Now working on an entirely new script which will take the form of what is commonly termed a docu-drama. It will contain elements of documentary materials, that is pictures, graphics etc plus dramatised events. The script is about 2 thirds … Continue reading

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Autumn Round up

After a long summer hiatus with the release of Vakhtangov and the Russian Theatre in spring of  2014 it was time to take a step back and reconsider the status of some other projects which are work in progress and … Continue reading

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Michael Craig – Copernicus Films – New projects

Michael Craig – Copernicus FilmsWorking on development of new projects now that Vakhtangov and the Russian Theatre is out into the world.vakhtangov.copernicusfilms.com. Too early to disclose what the main project might be. Preliminary development on financing going ahead first and where interest … Continue reading

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The role of still pictures in film

“Each fragment of imagery is a piece of art in itself. One must be aware of how each fragment is crying out to be used” is a quote from Akira  Kurosawa in the documentary film  A Message from Akira Kurosawa: … Continue reading

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