Time Not Wasted

downloadNot much done the last few days but all not lost. Yesterday spent a few hours on The Fairground Booth documentary. I have been working on semi computer generated sequence mostly made up of composited layers. I began it a few months ago and left it on one side. Came back ┬áto it yesterday with fresh ideas and energy. Seems to be working better. Need to add some more layers and work them into the overall composition. The book about The Fairground Booth is going OK. Almost completed the Tempest section and as far as I can tell it is working out. Quite long but I feel like its good progress and I know where I am going. As part of this section I have been preparing a separate part about Musicality in FB and will publish it as a post and then incorporate it into the book itself maybe in a slightly expanded form. I always feel as if I am not getting enough done but it isn’t true I think. Also today worked on a documentary to be shot in Ireland and Russia. Preparing locations for Dublin and more ideas have occurred to me as a consequence. Had idea for filming at Dublin Harbour which will fit together with other footage already shot in Moscow.

After getting a new computer it has clarified how to use the two main sites that I post on. There are two main sites Copernicus Films and Michael Craig Blog. I have been at a lose as to how to integrate these sites or at least how to allocate posts and use the sites more efficiently. One way forward is to use the Copernicus films sites for purely work purposes, ie attracting clients and fee paying work. The Blog will be for publicising my own films and creative work, DVDs, downloads etc. There are other related sites as well and the division will be less strict than I am suggesting here but it is a good way forward in the development of my online presence.


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