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“The Fairground Booth” and “Petrushka”

This post is a fragment from a chapter of the book¬†which will be published some time next year. The context is a comparison between the ballet “Petrushka” and “The Fairground Booth”. Both share roots in the Russian fairground and the … Continue reading

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Chinese Opera and Meyerhold.

A couple of days ago we manged to get tickets for the Chinese Opera in Moscow. Very rare and sought after so we felt lucky to be able to see this event which was part of the 2015 Checkhov Theatre … Continue reading

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The Fairground Booth and other projects – Progress and news

A number of projects under development and in various stages of preparation. First and foremost I have finally got around to developing computer graphics skills for a project for the Russian Theatre film series namely The Fairground Booth. This is … Continue reading

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Movement and Biomechanics – Meyerhold

Movement and Biomechanics: Meyerhold stated that movement is the most powerful means theatrical expression. It is more important than any other theatrical element in his opinion. Deprived of dialogue, costume, footlights, wings and an auditorium and left only with the … Continue reading

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Review of Biomechanics and Meyerhold

From the film “Meyerhold Theatre and the Russian Avant-garde” Taking some time to write by heading out to the Russian countryside for a few days to carry on with the writing of new projects for the series The Russian Theatre … Continue reading

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The Fairground Booth – Development of project

Many days work on the project I have been planning for some time –“The Fairground Booth” or ‘The Puppet Show” by Alexander Blok. The play was first put on by Meyerhold in 1906 and I intend to revive a version … Continue reading

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